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We have expert media buyers and planners for TV, print, online and outdoor advertising. For just one of these areas or in a multi-platform campaign we can put together the perfect spread of channels to reach your target audience. This optimises your budget to get the maximum results and ROI from your advertising spend.

Sales Analysis in Real Time

We can supply analytical software – a web-based, cross channel analytics tool that answers all your questions about media spend.
TV: Compare your channels, programmes and audiences with your competitors.
Quickly identify your most efficient day, day part or channel and demonstrate how TV drives web sales.
Print: How do position, size and colour of insertions affect response rates? Compare identical creatives across publications.
Online: Synchronise your web presence with predicted TV activity.
And lots more.

Sales Campaign

  • TV
  • Online
  • Print

Monthly Hits


      TV Media Buying

      We have experience in dealing with all types of television advertising campaigns from big spending, big names to narrowly targeted media plans. We negotiate and plan your television advertising campaign, monitor ratings, and help track results. Harlequin will also analyse past data and develop an advertising buying strategy that reaches your target audience at the lowest possible cost.

       Whatever the size of your pocket, we will do our best to help you advertise on television fast

      Print, Online and Outdoor Media Buying

      Our planners have vast experience in print, online and outdoor media buying and planning. So if you wish to advertise across multi-platforms in a campaign this can certainly be accommodated, including graphic design of your ads and placement in the best positions to reach your target market.

      Tel: 0208 653 2333 to discuss your needs or email: hello(at)

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