How Much Does a TV Commercial Cost?

We get asked a lot – how much do TV ads cost to produce?

Without knowing exactly what needs to be produced, it is difficult to give a definitive answer for tv commercial costs. There are a lot of variables to consider. It is a logical approach to start with what budget you have available, not forgetting the budget for buying the TV broadcast air time – this should be at least 3 times the production budget of the TV ad itself.

How Much Do TV Ads Cost?

With even a rough guide on budget, TV advertising agencies can then develop concepts that are achievable within this budget and not beyond.

Some do not like to divulge their budget beforehand for fear that the production cost will magically appear to meet that very budget. This will not be a concern if you request and item-by-item cost breakdown of every expense involved in the production of your TV commercial. This is something that Harlequin delivers as a matter of course on every production.

How can we keep TV commercial production costs down?

The way to keep the production cost of your TV ad down is to develop ideas that have relatively small numbers of the following:

  • Size of production crew required for shooting the ad.
  • Number of days shoot required.
  • Number of cast required.
  • The cast fees to cover all usage of the ad.
  • Amount of post-production required especially the amount, if any, of special effects or CGI.
  • Famous names that require premium fees.
  • Size of production company – big companies naturally have big overheads and charge more.

Previously, we have been given an available production budget and held one of our creative brainstorming meetings to develop ideas and concepts. The actual chosen concept only cost half the available budget to produce and it was very successful – 1 happy client. Sometimes the simplest ideas can work the best.

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